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Basic Kit
Advanced kit
Electrical diagram
Board Layout
Knowledge Base
Vern Juenke History
Rainman Challenge
Made in USA
Where to Buy
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Mission Statment
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About us

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BulletInspector is not capable of providing technical support.   !!!!!We only sell the kits.!!!!!

BulletInspector is not capable of training you to operate your this meter.    !!!!!We only sell the kits.!!!!!

We will be selling these kits on eBay. Search for BulletInspector and you will find us.

Our website is always being updated. We will be adding technical information in the future. Check back from time to time for updates.

If you have any information that would aid other kit builders in getting there projects completed, Send it to us and we will put it on the website.

If you purchase one of our kits and successfully assembly it. Please email us a picture of yourself with your BulletInspector meter and we will post your picture on our website as one of the few that have completed the Rainman Challenge.

To contact us here at BulletInspector,  send  Emails to support@BulletInspector.com.

We are getting crushed with emails please keep them Short and to the point .

It will take about a day or two for us to get back to you.

We hope you found this website helpfull.

 Thank You          Kevin the BulletInspector

Send mail to Support@Bulletinspector.com with questions or comm