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Basic Kit
Advanced kit
Electrical diagram
Board Layout
Knowledge Base
Vern Juenke History
Rainman Challenge
Made in USA
Where to Buy
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Mission Statment
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  Where to Buy

Because of the limited quantities of these meter kits.

When we receive the kits we will list them in our eBay store with a buy it now price of $1850.00 for the basic kit.

We will selling the advanced kit for $1350.00. When they become availably we will list them.

For those of you that think the price is to high. Consider that the Vern Juenke Machine ten years ago sold for around $1200.00 in 2004.

There was also a very long wait time, because Vern was the only one capable of making them.

There a quite a few parts on this meter that have to be machined. I don't need to tell you about labor rates at machine shops these days.

We had to lay out a considerably amount of time and money for the development of this website.  

The BulletDoctor has trained the Machine shop to make the kits to his satisfaction.

The BulletDoctor has priority over us, they complete his order first. We get the rest.

We will not list these kits on eBay unless they are on the shelf ready to go.

We will only ship to the Continental USA only.